Web Design

Below examples of some of the websites I have built over the years. You can click on them to open the website in a new window.

I specialize in WordPress implementation customization. Using WordPress as a foundation for your website can help significantly decrease design cost. WordPress is also easy to make changes and updates to and does not require knowledge of coding.

I can help find custom solutions that fit your budget and unique needs. I make use of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help your website achieve better search results.


I can create illustrations in various formats including digital painting, and vector illustration. If you are looking for logo design then please scroll down.

Logo Design

I can produce logos that are both beautiful and practical. I design logos as vector images so that they can be scaled indefinitely without any loss of quality. I have experience preparing logos for various forms of printing and publishing and understand the file requirements so that files can be handed to the printer without problems.