Why is it called ‘Hmong Monday’?

In the past my wife and I would host game nights in our house every Monday to help friends that were trying to learn the Hmong language. Since then we have moved and it is not possible at the moment. But this page is a collection of resources we have either collected or created. We hope that this will continue to help those who are currently learning Hmong or want to learn Hmong.

Reading and writing in Hmong


This section includes basics of reading and writing in Hmong. It also includes some beginner phrases and other similar items.

Hmong Vocabulary


Included here are activities regarding learning vocabulary.

Books about Hmong


This section includes various collected books regarding the Hmong language, Hmong culture, etc.

Audio and Video in Hmong


Various resources that contain either audio or video resources to help you learn Hmong.

Hmong Grammar


Here are various items that will help improve grammar in the Hmong language.